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Researchers Design First Battery-Powered Invisibility Cloaking Device 2013-12-30
Author: Cockrell School of Engineering
From: The University of Texas at Austin
Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have proposed the first design of a cloaking device that uses an external source of energy to significantly broaden its bandwidth of operation.
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Optogenetics as good as electrical stimulation 2013-12-27
Author: David Orenstein
From: Brown University
Brown researchers have shown that optogenetics — a technique that uses pulses of visible light to alter the behavior of brain cells — can be as good as or possibly better than the older technique of using small bursts of electrical current. Optogenetics had been used in small rodent models.
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White Paper: How to Select an AC Power Supply 2013-12-26
Author: Grady Keeton
From: AMETEK Programmable Power
Today’s electronic products must work under all types of conditions, not just ideal ones. That being the case, AC sources used in test applications must not only supply a stable source of AC, they must also simulate power-line disturbances and other non-ideal situations.
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Graphene nanoribbons an ice-melting coat for radar 2013-12-25
Author: Mike Williams
From: Rice University
Rice University discovery is cheaper, lighter and more effective than current deicers
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Understanding Scan-Based Design and its Benefits 2013-12-24
Author: Tom Charron
From: IMT Machining Journal
3D scanning, design, and inspection tools and workflows have been established for some 15-plus years. Yet, during that time, the required technology has been accessible only to those with deep pockets and dedicated personnel, whose entire job scope was to oversee these often complicated system
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Enterprise Resource Planning: Better On-Premise or Cloud-based? - See more at: http://www.thomasnet. 2013-12-23
Author: Tracey Schelmetic
From: Tech Trends Journal
The majority of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are installed on-premises and maintained by in-house IT personnel.
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Engine Builder Claims Success with New H2 Burner 2013-12-20
Author: Robert Brooks
From: American Machinist
Turbine Truck Engines set to deliver first Hydrogen Production Burner System
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Effect of Nonlinearities Perspective Tips 2013-12-19
Author: gkmcmi
From: Control Talk Blog
A linear control loop has a constant total loop dead time, constant primary and secondary time constants, and a constant open loop gain. This perspective reviews the sources of dynamics and causes of nonlinearity.
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Avoid a control panel redesign 2013-12-18
Author: Derek Lee
From: Control Engineering
Inside Machines: If you’re dropping packets with field networking for motion control and getting errors or alarms, consider these four sometimes counter-intuitive alternatives to a control panel redesign.
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SolarCity to Back Up Solar with Tesla Batteries 2013-12-17
Author: AP / Jonathan Fahey
From: Time
The solar panel installer SolarCity is beginning to address one of solar power's big drawbacks.
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